Loyalty Card

The terms and conditions for the use of a NOVOLOTO OÜ (Fenikss Casino) loyalty card.

To apply for a Novoloto OÜ (Fenikss Casino) loyalty card, fill in a loyalty card application and give it to a customer service representative. The loyalty card will be issued immediately, for free, and only on the basis of an identity document.

The Novoloto OÜ (Fenikss Casino) loyalty card is for personal use only. Handing it over to other people is prohibited. Fenikss Casino’s customer service representatives have the right to ask for an identity document when a loyalty card is used.

To enter a Fenikss Casino, you can use either your loyalty card or an identity document. In accordance with the Gaming Act, you must always carry an identity document with you.

As a holder of a Novoloto OÜ (Fenikss Casino) loyalty card, you can also receive information about campaigns, discounts, and events taking place at Fenikss Casino either by phone or via e-mail if you so choose. To do so, tick the necessary box on the loyalty card application or send an e-mail to .

Novoloto OÜ can refuse to issue a loyalty card without having to explain their reasoning.

If the identity document is not valid, the customer’s entry cannot be registered by using the loyalty card. The client is obliged to present a valid identity document.

The Novoloto OÜ loyalty card is temporary. If the holder of the card has not entered or played at a Fenikss Casino in a year, Novoloto OÜ has the right to cancel the loyalty card.

The family members or close relatives of Novoloto OÜ employees cannot hold a loyalty card or use its benefits.

If a loyalty card is stolen or lost, you must immediately notify our Novoloto OÜ offices by calling 611 6161 (workdays, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.) or by sending an e-mail to .

A loyalty card can be cancelled on the basis of a written application. You can fill in such an application in any Fenikss Casino.

To get a new loyalty card, you have to turn to a Fenikss Casino. Novoloto OÜ is not responsible for stolen or lost cards. In case a Novoloto OÜ employee notices that a person wants to enter the casino with someone else’s loyalty card, that card is subject to confiscation by the casino.

In accordance with the Gaming Act of the Republic of Estonia and in instances when the gaming or internal rules of Novoloto OÜ are violated, Novoloto OÜ has the right to terminate the contract with the client and the right not to allow the client to enter any of the casinos belonging to Novoloto OÜ either temporarily or permanently.

Novoloto OÜ ensures the security/safety of submitted personal data and gives personal data to third parties only in the cases provided for by law or the terms and conditions of the loyalty card.

Novoloto OÜ reserves the right to unilaterally change the rules, terms and conditions, and benefits related to the loyalty card.

Loyalty card benefits:

  • Entering a casino with a Novoloto OÜ (Fenikss Casino) loyalty card is faster and more convenient.
  • You can reserve a gambling machine for up to two hours.
  • The client can choose between either free tea, coffee, or water.
  • By presenting your Novoloto OÜ loyalty card, you can get a 15% discount on all the drinks bought at a Fenikss Casino bar.
  • As a holder of a Novoloto OÜ loyalty card, you are kept up-to-date on our campaigns, events, and special offers either by e-mail or via text message.
  • As of 1 January 2009, all the casinos in Estonia have a client registration requirement. Because of that, we ask you to bring an identity document on your first visit. Entering a Fenikss Casino from thereon will be faster and more convenient with a loyalty card.