Gambling Addiction

Our philosophy is that every activity a person spends their time on should take up a reasonable portion of their life. Exaggeration and overenthusiasm (be it with work, entertainment, shopping, food, or something else) damages us and the people around us.

Because of that, we in Fenikss Casino follow the universally recognised Responsible Gaming Principles – our employees have been trained for situations when a client is overly addicted to playing a game, which has an effect on their wellbeing. In addition, clients can familiarise themselves with additional information about gambling addiction found in our arcades.

Leaflets about gambling addiction can be found in every Fenikss Casino arcade. More information at:


GAEstonian Gamblers Anonymous

Phone number: 56 35 45 90


Gambling Addiction Counselling Centre

Agencies in Tallinn, Pärnu, Kohtla-Järve, and Narva.

Phone number: 15 410.

 Attention! This is a gambling advertisement. Gambling is not suitable for solving financial problems. Please read the terms and conditions and act responsibly!